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Common Parking Problems and the Best Solutions

Published: 21/07/2023

Parking disputes can be a frustrating experience for everyone involved. In this article, we explore some of the most common parking dilemmas and offer practical solutions for addressing them.


Challenges with Pay and Display Machines

Pay and display parking remains prevalent, particularly in locations such as country parks and shopping centres. However, it is not uncommon for these machines to malfunction. How should a business tackle this issue? Regular maintenance checks are key to ensuring your pay and display machine is functioning optimally. If you have invested in solar-powered pay and display machines, it is vital to keep the solar panel clean to maximise energy production.


Incorrect Bay Usage by Car Park Users

Misuse of parking bays is a universal challenge. From drivers straddling multiple bays to the unauthorised use of disabled bays, these issues can significantly inconvenience other users. The presence of car park attendants can effectively mitigate this problem. They can address issues directly with drivers and, if necessary, issue immediate parking charges.


Inaccurate Parking Payments

Estimating parking time can be a tricky task, especially for day trips or retail outings. Over- or under-payment can frustrate car park users. If your aim is to deliver a seamless parking experience, consider alternatives such as pay-on-exit systems or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) parking enforcement. These options enable users to pay for the precise time they used the facilities. Furthermore, utilising ANPR can save on the expense of employing car park attendants.


Lack of Short-Term Parking Options

For drivers needing to run a quick errand, paying for several hours of parking—often the minimum charge—can feel excessive. Implementing limited waiting parking in your private car park may be the solution. These designated spaces ensure quick turnover, freeing up valuable spots for those needing short-term parking. By offering either free or paid parking with popular time limits such as 15 or 30 minutes, you facilitate a high volume of parking space turnover. This approach benefits all customers and can be monitored by ANPR systems or car park attendants, depending on what suits your facility best.


Lengthy Queues at Parking Machines

Few things are as frustrating as a long queue, especially when the ticking clock might push you into the next pricing tier. Cashless parking systems can alleviate queueing woes by providing a variety of payment options, such as contactless, over the phone, or through an app. Not only do these methods speed up the process, but they also help reduce congestion around parking machines and allow users to avoid contact with communal surfaces.


If you are grappling with parking challenges and seeking professional advice, the team at Total Parking Solutions can provide a solution. We offer consultancy services to help create an optimal parking scenario for your business, along with a range of parking enforcement options tailored to your needs. Contact us today.

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