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What to Consider When Picking Your Car Park Consultant

Published: 26/07/2023

At Total Parking Solutions, we know that running a car park efficiently – and keeping it profitable – can be a difficult venture, and that sometimes you need the advice of a trusted car park consultant to help implement new car park management services.

Since car parks are necessary across multiple industries, including vital services and retail, it can be difficult to know which parking consultancy is best suited to help you to achieve your goals and match your needs.


What Do Car Park Consultants Do?

A car park consultant works to determine if and how the management of your business’ car park can be improved. They work closely with you to understand your business’ needs, resources and goals. Whether you’re looking to increase revenue in a ticketed car park or manage the flow of traffic in a more efficient way, a parking consultancy should determine the best solutions to the unique issues that your car park faces, and advise on the best car park management services that will suit your budget and ambitions.

There are various car park management services that a parking consultancy can offer, including:

  • Recommending solutions to help manage your traffic flow, such as limited waiting schemes;
  • Supporting quality products, like Pay and Display machines, to make sure you are collecting revenue in the most effective way;
  • Offering car park management services for newly implemented systems, giving clients ongoing professional support.


What Makes A Good Car Parking Consultancy?

Due to the various problems that car park management services can encounter, a good parking consultancy should be able to pinpoint how your business is being affected and provide bespoke, yet extensive solutions. Parking consultants should also provide ongoing support once those solutions have been implemented, making sure that the client and their needs are satisfied, and adapting the client’s car park management system in a proactive way.

Because car park management services are multi-faceted, a good parking consultancy should also be able to provide a variety of solutions, such as new technology, land acquisition, enforcement or parking regimes. There are many risks associated with using multiple parking consultancies to solve different problems, including miscommunication and ballooning costs. For these reasons, a good parking consultancy should offer broad, trustworthy advice across all sectors.

When picking your car par park consultant, you may wish to consider the parking consultancy’s history within your industry (e.g. retail) to determine how effective their car park management services could be for your needs. Total Parking Solutions’ team has a premium track record working within a variety of sectors from higher education to healthcare, and we pride ourselves on the high standard of car park management services that we provide.


What Makes Us the Parking Consultancy of Choice?

Total Parking Solutions offers competitive and comprehensive car park management services that always find the best solutions for your needs. We know that implementing a new solution can be a stressful experience, which is why our trusted car park consultants can help to guide you from the beginning. Once you decide to implement a new system, our parking consultancy works together with your business to create a shared goal, offer support throughout the implementation process, monitor its success, and provide ongoing support to maintain or update your new systems.

The car park management services that Total Parking Solutions offer are wide-ranging, and we can help to install new technology or enforcement regimes that go further than just advice. You can read more about our consultancy services here, contact us on 01536 680 107 or e-mail us at [email protected] to find out more about how our car park consultants can help you.

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