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The Benefits of Car Parking Consultancy

Published: 23/07/2023

Whether you are introducing a new parking scheme or changing your current system, seeking the right guidance in whatever stage you are at is essential to planning, designing and implementing the correct system for you. Experts will be able to assist and support your parking scheme every step of the way and work cooperatively to ensure that systems are optimal and efficient. In this article, we will discuss the principal benefits of car parking consultancy including: expertise, planning, and project management.

Total Parking Solutions work very closely with clients that span across a range of different industries to provide a comprehensive range of parking solutions.


Car Parking Expertise

Introducing a new parking system or changing your current system can oftentimes be very challenging and come with unique sets of challenges. Liaising with professionals that can offer guidance is essential in the different stages of your car park system such as: the planning and design stage and then implementing the system to finally managing it. A professional car parking consultancy service will work to build a relationship with your business – to understand your specific needs and requirements and to provide the most relevant advice to achieve your goals. A professional service will also be able to provide you with the correct guidance dependent on your key objectives; whether that may be improving customer experience, generating revenue or any other specific aims.


Car Park Planning

In the initial stages, whether it is a new parking scheme or reconditioning your current car park system, utilising a professional consultancy service will help you better understand the needs and requirements of car park users. Not every parking system is made the same, each have unique requirements, features, and sizes that all relate to factors such as the industry and the type of business. Consulting with professionals will give you a better insight into planning and design specifics, for example;

  • land acquisition – advice on suitably attaining existing car parks or land that is suitable for development into car parks
  • Planning to implement the correct and appropriate system:
    • pay and display
    • cashless payment systems (CPS)
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    • Limited waiting parking
    • pay on foot
    • iPark

There are various different parking schemes that are used across different industries, consulting with a professional service can help businesses to better understand the benefits and limitations to different systems and if they are suited to specific sectors. As an example, ANPR systems are ideal for use in large and busy parking schemes such as within: healthcare, transport, retail, and education. ANPR technology can provide benefits such as increased security, high levels of accuracy, and supply a 24/7 service, making this type of parking technology very suitable for use in the sectors mentioned.


Project Management

A professional car parking consultancy service can also assist with project management. Overseeing your parking schemes from start to finish and also supporting with the parking system once it has been fully implemented. With the expertise of a professional service within the parking industry, all the technical needs can be covered.

It is important to consider different approaches to car parks across different sectors for example; there will be different considerations made for parking schemes across the healthcare sector as opposed to the retail sector. These considerations include general approach, requirements and appropriate systems. For instance, understanding that a parking system within the healthcare sector requires a more sensitive approach and a system that is user-friendly – potentially also making use of technology to release some of the parking pressure. Consequently, seeking the support of professional consultants in your project management can improve aspects such as customer experience and heighten security.

Ultimately, consulting with professionals can be very important and effective in many different stages. Working closely with the experts will allow businesses to create and develop streamlined parking solutions with a clear and cohesive strategy. Consultants with parking expertise can also offer the correct guidance and strategic support to simply assist with your car parking system.

At Total Parking Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of professional support and project management that covers all stages of different parking schemes. Total Parking Solutions work closely with clients to shape a synergistic strategy. To find out more about our consultancy service and how can support you, contact 01536 680107 or email [email protected].

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