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Solar Powered Pay and Display Machines 2023

Published: 23/09/2022

Car parks are constantly evolving, making use of newer technology to make them as efficient as ever. At the end of the day, the happier you keep your paying customers, the more likely they will be to return. So how will turning to solar-powered pay and display machines help your business?


What are the benefits of solar-powered pay and display machines?

Immediate cost savings

As with any form of renewable energy, there are plenty of benefits to introducing solar-power to your business. Firstly, it’s free. Once you’ve put in the initial investment, you no longer have to worry about your bills racking up for your pay and display machines, which, when needed 24 hours a day, could end up using a hefty amount of electricity.

Easy installation

Secondly, they don’t need to be hard wired into the national grid system if your premises gets enough sunlight. Your solar-powered pay and display machine can generate and store enough electricity to power itself all year round. Despite what you may think, solar panels don’t need hours of direct sunlight to generate energy. Even cloudy days (of which we get plenty) provide enough UV rays to charge a solar-powered pay and display machine.

Reliable all year round

Lastly, solar-powered pay and display machines won’t be affected by power cuts. When pay and display machines aren’t working, businesses can lose thousands of pounds in revenue. Since they don’t rely on power supplied from elsewhere, solar-powered pay and display machines aren’t affected by local power cuts and will continue running regardless.


Where can I use solar-powered pay and display machines?

Solar-powered pay and display machines are perfect for any outdoor car park. Whether it’s clifftop car park, country park, or town centre space, your pay and display machine will generate electricity as long as there’s plenty of natural daylight. Due to the need for sunlight, they’re not suitable for multi-storey car parks, underground car parks, or any other areas with sheltered roofing.


Going green with solar power

It’s on the forefront of everyone’s minds. How can we make our business greener? By relying less on fossil fuels to run your parking meters, you will be contributing to a greener future for everybody. Solar power is a carbon-neutral way to run any electronic device ensuring your business is helping to combat climate change.


Upgrading your pay and display meter

Along with solar power, by upgrading your old pay and display machines, you can ensure you’re giving your customers the most efficient parking service. By offering cashless payments, parking can be paid for quickly and efficiently and reduces the need for you to ensure your system holds enough loose change. Additionally, you can have more control over your parking enforcement by easily creating set schedules for parking charges, such as free parking in the evening – eliminating user frustration when they are unsure of whether parking needs to be paid for.

There are plenty of benefits of both upgrading your pay and display parking system and introducing solar-powered parking schemes. Contact us at Total Parking Solutions to find out how we can help you go green.

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