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Car Park Solutions 2023: What Are The Options?

Published: 12/07/2023

Did you know that by the end of 2020, there were over 32 million cars on the UK’s roads? They have to park somewhere! But when it comes to car parking solutions, are you aware of all the available options? From pay and display machines to ANPR systems, pay on foot machines to limited waiting parking, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the range of cark park solutions you could benefit from.

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Pay and Display Machines

Common in open plan car parks, pay and display machines are simple and effective. The customer simply purchases a ticket when they park their vehicle and selects how much time they want to use the car park for. They then need to display their ticket on their dashboard.

Advantages of pay and display machines

  • Easy to use. Visitors are more often than not familiar with this type of system.
  • Works 24/7.
  • Avoid need for boom barriers at entry and exit. This minimises congestion and queues.
  • The technology is inexpensive and there is no need to hire a parking attendant, only a ticket officer for enforcement. This cuts down labour costs and keeps fees lower.
  • Minimal risk of malfunction due to the simple technology used.
  • Options to become more environmentally-friendly by installing solar-powered pay and display machines


Cashless Payment Systems (CPS)

There are a number of different types of Cashless Payment Systems (CPS) available. Pay as you go systems, pre-paid vouchers, automated phone calls and smartphone apps are all examples of CPS which can be implemented.

Advantages of CPS

  • Easy to use. There is a large convenience factor involved in CPS, as customers can easily and quickly pay through smartphone apps linked to their debit and credit cards. Furthermore, customers do not need to locate a car parking machine, and can instead pay from their car.
  • Removes the risk of counterfeit coins being used or human error, as the withdrawal takes place automatically from the customer’s bank.
  • CPS are the most hygienic payment method. Communal touchpoints are avoided and less change is handled.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition Parking Systems (ANPR)

ANPR systems are used across a number of sectors to monitor the duration of a vehicle’s stay and if a parking fee was paid. These systems are used in particularly large and busy areas, like retail parks and supermarkets. However, did you know that they were originally used by the police and that there are now 8000 ANPR police cameras in the UK? This figure just goes to show the security benefits of using ANPR cameras as a parking solution.

Advantages of ANPRs

  • Automates the process, such as monitoring car park compliance.
  • Increases security with video surveillance.
  • Offers real time benefits. License plates can be checked against a database almost instantaneously and it takes as little as 48 hours to issue a penalty notice.


Limited Waiting

Limited waiting parking works by offering free parking for genuine customers, while ensuring regular space turnover. Visitors park with or without charge for a specific time period, and there is usually a no return policy in place. This often works in conjunction with ANPR systems or parking attendants as enforcement.

Advantages of limited waiting parking


Pay on Foot Machines

Pay on foot machines work by taking a payment before the exit point via an automated payment station. Pre-booking payments are also an option if integrated with ANPR technology. 

Advantages of pay on foot machines

  • A wide range of payment methods can be taken, such as cash, cards and contactless mobile payments.
  • No requirement for enforcement, which cuts back on labour costs.
  • Self-managed and remotely monitored by entry and exit point intercom communication. This is convenient for visitors and also means that staff can be available for assistance in poor weather conditions.


There are a whole range of car parking solutions which you could benefit from today. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to maintain system, or higher security technology, Total Parking Solutions has a parking management option suitable for your applications. To find out more about how we can help you manage your car park, please call us on 01536 680107 today or send us an email on [email protected].

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