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Why choose pay and display parking?

Published: 10/08/2021

What is pay and display parking?

Pay and display car parking systems rely on customers purchasing a ticket from the ticket machine in the car park when they initially park. The customer can select how much time they wish to use the car park for and then they must display the paid-for ticket on their dashboard whilst parked. This method avoids the need for boom barriers at the entry and exit of the car park and is most common in open-plan car parks as opposed to multi-stories. At Total Parking Solutions, we are here to explain some of the benefits for both you and your customers in using pay and display parking for your car park.

Customer experience

Pay and display makes parking easy and efficient for your customers. The lack of boom barriers at the entry and exit of the car park allows users to easily enter and exit the car park and minimises traffic going in and out. Car park ticket machines are easy to use and are a secure way to generate and store revenue in prime locations. Most will offer a range of different payment options, including cash or card, as well as some car parks offering mobile payment solutions, making them broadly accessible to a range of users. Payment options available can be advertised in the car park to promote these options to users. The ease of use and familiarity many of your customers have with pay and display car parks makes them a safe and effective solution for a variety of locations.

Easy to install & maintain

Pay and display parking systems are an easy and cost-effective solution to both install and maintain. Pay and display systems negate the need for expensive technology, making them simple and inexpensive to install, with minimal risk of equipment malfunction. This lowers the cost and effort of maintenance over time, making them excellent as parking solutions for smaller car parks with less resources. There is no need to hire a parking attendant, instead only requiring a ticket officer for parking enforcement, cutting down on labour costs. This allows you to keep parking fees low to attract customers and encourage them to stay for longer periods of time. In addition, a selection of car park ticket machines allows for extended operating hours for as much as 24-hours, making them excellent for car parks in urban areas.

Pay and display car parks are an ideal parking solution for both businesses and customers due to their ease of use and efficiency. They are also one of the simplest and most cost-effective parking solutions to generate revenue from prime parking areas. To learn more about the benefits of pay and display car parks or to discuss other solutions for car park management, get in touch on 01536 680107 or email us today at [email protected].We also offer a comprehensive parking consultancy service if you need further advice and support when it comes to planning your car park management.

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