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What is Limited Waiting Parking?

Published: 23/08/2022

Limited waiting parking, also known as maximum stay parking or regimes, is an often-found parking solution in the UK. Usually found near busy public areas such as shops, churches, and town centres, they allow visitors to park there for specified periods of time. They can also be found in congested areas with a large student population, and in turn a large amount of vehicles that park there.

For example, one such limited parking bay could consist of restrictions like free parking for up to two hours, with no return within an hour, between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday. Implementing a charge is possible, alongside stated no return policies. The parking enforcement for these bays is usually in the form of Parking Charges for remaining in a bay beyond their allocated time.

Why are they useful?

Limited waiting parking is the perfect option for public areas with a lot of traffic, that don’t have another controlled parking solution already in place such as permit parking or pay-per-hour parking. These bays allow customers to park in an accessible vicinity to the services they need, which is vital for ensuring these amenities are accessible to everyone. In particular, this is important for customers with mobility issues who cannot park elsewhere and walk long distances, and parents with young children.

Also, this ensures that genuine customers who are in need of the bays will have more of an opportunity to access them – this is due to the high turnover of valuable parking spaces that can be easily implemented, and in turn keep the flow of vehicles moving steadily.

What can TPS provide?

Limited waiting parking bays can be efficiently and safely monitored in a variety of ways. The use of Automated Number Plate Recognition technology systems provides a convenient and stress-free solution to ensure vehicles do not outstay their allotted time; parking attendants can also be assigned to patrol the area in person, and can be available if a customer has any questions or concerns.

At Total Parking Solutions, we can provide the required sophisticated parking equipment and technology, as well as trained parking enforcement personnel to supervise and enforce the regulations. If this sounds like the perfect scheme for you, get in touch with us by phone on 01536 680107, or email us at [email protected].

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