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How Marshalling Services Can Help Your Business

Published: 14/07/2023

Whether there is a busy event, a high-volume traffic area or it is a seasonal time of year such as Christmas or Easter when parking becomes a premium, it is important that parking is made safe, efficient, and available. Utilising car park marshalling services can significantly support with providing an all-round well managed service and experience for customers. In this article, we will look at the ways in which car park marshalling services can help your business such as: controlling traffic flow, maximising safety, ensuring effective turnover of parking spaces, and lastly, heightening planning and management of your car park system.

At Total Parking Solutions, we offer effective marshalling services that will support your business for those times when traffic flow and congestion hits a peak.


Streamlines traffic flow and minimises disruption

Streamlining traffic and minimising disruption is one of most important factors when car park systems get busy. Trained and experienced traffic marshals will work to keep the flow of traffic controlled and actively ensure that there is no disruption. Marshals are well prepared for traffic flow to become busy and have a very good understanding of the design and layout of the parking system in order to effectively manage and coordinate cars. As well as this, to avoid disruption in busy times, marshals are always consciously assisting and guiding cars to new spaces when they become free.


Maximises the turnover of spaces

Marshals will act as guides and support you in finding parking spaces during peak times. Experienced marshals will direct traffic effectively to nearby free spaces and will point out when spaces are made available, ensuring an efficient turnover of spaces. Ensuring efficient turnover of spaces is paramount to a busy parking system running safely and effectively. Marshals are well trained and make essential preparations prior to busy times or events such as understanding the parking layout in order to ensure a seamless turnover of individual parking spaces. Marshals also safeguard the transition when one car exits a space and another enters this space; many accidents often occur in car parks at busy times and marshals ensure that this problem is effectively mitigated.


Ensures safety

One of the most important ways in which marshalling services can help your business is by optimising levels of safety. Congestion, especially in more constricted areas such as car parks or temporary event parking areas as well as high traffic areas can be dangerous. Professional marshals will help in ensuring the safety of all customers. Marshals help in the management of highly congested areas and will work to limit accidents and make sure all cars safely enter and exit the area.

Parking for events and during busy times of the year can also be unpredictable at times. Marshals have to consider many variable factors such as:

  • fluctuating volumes of traffic
  • busy time periods (rush hours)
  • different formations car parks and their choke points


Professional planning and management

Marshalling services are good for your business as they demonstrate close attention to detail when it comes to planning and running an event or handling busy parking areas. Marshals will set out to make sure that the parking operations run smoothly and efficiently. The smooth running of a parking system at an event is going to directly impact customer experience, which will in turn reflect on your business. Poor parking management can lead to:

  • customer frustrations
  • safety issues
  • damage of property
  • disruption
  • theft

At Total Parking Solutions, we will work closely with your business to provide you with bespoke parking solutions to meet your unique requirements. With clients that span across a variety of different sectors, our tailored parking solutions offer an array of benefits for your business. To find out more about how our marshalling services can assist your business, get in contact with us on 01536 680107 or email [email protected].

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