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Benefits of Using Parking Permit Management Software

Published: 12/07/2023

Tired of members of the public parking in private car parks? Exhausted of dealing with tenant parking disputes? Parking Permit Management Software could be the solution to your parking problems, with a range of applications and benefits to be enjoyed.


Functional & Flexible

The main benefit of using parking permit management software is its functionality and flexibility. Digitised software can keep track of permit costs, which can be increased or reduced depending on individual circumstances, for example concessions for blue badge holders or increased fees when parking during peak hours. This flexibility further extends to location and green targets too. Adjust permit costs relative to emissions, low traffic zones, and post codes with ease.

Permit management software also gives you access to permit applications which you can process straightforwardly, as well as access to the declined applications appeals system, keeping everything in one place and streamlining the permit management process for you and your customers.



Security is another priority when it comes to parking permit management. A digitised approach saves on both time and labour costs, while ensuring a highly meticulous standard of screening and checks is upheld. API checks confirm vehicle details which is securely stored on the management software.

Furthermore, pairing parking permit management software with ANPR systems can boost the security of your permit system by adding an extra level of protection against unauthorised parking, by monitoring the arrival and exit of vehicles and providing an extra deterrent to those attempting to park without the appropriate permit.  



Delivering bespoke car parking solutions, Total Parking Solutions’ permit management software is able to customise all clients’ permit applications and payment systems, with logos and branding. Unique form builders make each permit unique to your brand, meaning that your company can avoid the standard, generic look and feel of most parking payment systems.


Who can benefit from a Parking Permit Management Software?

Parking permit management software is a cashless and digital application which controls parking access, reducing unauthorised parking and defining permit amounts.

The aim of a parking permit is to essentially reduce unauthorised parking and define allowed parking times and zones. This means that parking permit management software can be of great use across many sectors, both private and public.

Applications include workplaces with keyworkers, such as healthcare and education settings, which need to ensure adequate parking is available for workers, thereby minimising parking distances from their place of work. This is of course the case for other workplaces too, such as office complexes or factories which might want to reserve a specific number of parking spaces for employees, most often by restricting unauthorised parking by other members of the public.

Other places which can benefit from parking permit management software include residential areas. By putting in place such a software, local residents are prioritised over non-residents, preventing parking disputes. This can be of particular use in busy city areas, where commuters might park in residential areas to avoid parking fees within city centres, at the inconvenience of local residents.


Managing your parking doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated. Total Parking Solution’s permit management software makes the permit process more streamlines and efficient.  To find out more about how we can help you digitise your permit management, without compromising on effectiveness, contact us today.

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