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Why choose parking enforcement?

Published: 31/01/2022

Parking enforcement in itself is a necessary facet of owning and maintaining a car parking area. With our wide selection of enforcement options ranging from entirely digital pay-as-you-go solutions to more traditional in-person enforcement, you can ensure your space maximises its potential every time.

Environmental benefits of professional parking enforcement

Parking enforcement serves as an important regulator of vehicles in and out of your car parking space. This decreases congestion and improves the flow of traffic, providing a quicker and easier journey for all. In turn, pollution is also significantly reduced – because drivers know where to access mandated parking spaces, less pollution is emitted by their vehicles from driving around an area searching for potential parking spaces, improving the air quality. Parking enforcement can also further encourage more sustainable types of travel such as public transport and cycling if drivers do not want to pay for their car park usage. Read more about the implementation of a Green Travel Plan and how it could help your local community.

Putting local people first

A reliable parking enforcement system enables residents to have the opportunity to dependably park in their own neighbourhoods. By improving valuable parking space turnover, residents will not be disadvantaged by living near to businesses and public facilities. For example, if commuters parked freely near a site known to be busy, this could cause huge inconveniences for the local people living near there, and might result in a surge of inconsiderate or dangerous parking as drivers compete for spaces anywhere they can find. Furthermore, better access to these local services such as parks, shops and other community venues are granted, ensuring that everyone has access no matter whether they’re from the local area or further afield.

Improving safety with parking enforcement

When organised parking enforcement is implemented, it is much easier to maintain the flow of traffic, and so the danger to pedestrians and other road users is minimised. Having a set controlled area for parking reduces the likelihood of emergency and refuse vehicles being blocked from accessing necessary areas, as irresponsible parking is reduced. As well as this, overall traffic levels are tackled and reduced, which is a particular safety benefit for car parking spaces that are near schools and community venues. The number of unauthorised parked vehicles is thus cut down; this not only reduces potential damage to grassy verges and street furniture from irresponsible parking but also protects vehicles with an additional layer of security, serving as an effective vandalism and theft deterrent.


Parking enforcement can provide an extensive variety of advantages for both yourself and your customers that utilise your parking space. Negative parking behaviours are eliminated, ensuring a smooth and stress-free parking experience for your customers. From a positive impact on local residents, to a safer and greener environment for all, a well-maintained and organised parking enforcement system is the best addition to your car parking areas – and we have the parking solution that’s the perfect fit for you.

We have over 40 years of experience in the parking solutions sector, and are proud to be at the forefront of parking technology. We are always on hand to help with any questions or ideas about your new parking project and offer a parking consultancy service to help shape a collective parking strategy. Contact our team today by phone on 01536 680107, or email us at [email protected].

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