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Why choose iPark?

Published: 01/12/2021

What is iPark and where is it used?

iPark is a pay-on-exit parking solution that utilises Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) alongside flexible payment stations to allow the customer a stress-free parking payment experience. Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods – via pay stations, by phone, by app, or online, seamlessly enabling customers to craft the experience that works best for them. ANPR technology has been a feature of crime deterrent for many years, however, this technology is also ideal for larger parking schemes at risk of congestion, in areas such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

The ideal flexible parking solution

For those customers who dislike having to set a time limit on their outings, this system allows them the freedom to choose when they return to their vehicle. There is no anxiety about overstaying their allotted time and no panicked rushing back to their vehicle in order to avoid incurring an extra fee. Customers have the freedom to structure their visits around their activities, not rigid parking hours.

Customisable parking experience

Not all customers are comfortable using a solely cashless or digital system. Mobile apps require smartphone access, and while this is becoming a necessary part of day-to-day life, not everyone has the opportunity to access quality smartphones. It could also be as simple as a customer running out of battery! It is therefore the most inclusive solution to enable a variety of payment solutions, making for satisfied customers in any situation.

Minimal labour costs

The lack of physical tickets ensures that no parking attendant is required, lowering the labour costs significantly. The pay-on-exit system further eliminates the need for a ticket officer – customers will not be able to leave the car park without paying, and the integrated ANPR technology tackles any fraudster’s attempts to avoid payment. If a customer requires extra assistance, an advanced intercom system can easily be installed, coupled with an efficient appeals system clearly advertised to customers.

Hygienic usage

In a post-COVID world, hygiene and safety are at the forefront of all our minds, and parking payment solutions are no exception. No face-to-face interaction is required; however using a public touch-screen interface can be similarly daunting, so the option of app or mobile payments are an easily implementable feature to put all customers’ minds at ease.

Eco-friendly focus

Eliminating the need for flimsy paper tickets is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid paper wastage, an increasingly vital goal for businesses across the world today. It also removes the unfortunately common situations where a ticket is lost, damaged or accidentally thrown away. Customers can be safe in the knowledge that the sophisticated ANPR technology will track their license plate and allow them to exit the car park with no hassle.

The customer’s flexible parking payment experience is prioritised by implementing the iPark payment system, encouraging repeat visits of a stress-free nature. For more information about the iPark system and how it can boost revenue and customer satisfaction, get in touch via phone on 01536 680107 or email us at [email protected].

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