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Why choose cashless parking systems?

Published: 31/10/2021

What is a cashless parking system?

A cashless parking system (CPS) refers to parking and payment systems that do not require the physical need for cash. There are many varieties of cashless parking systems, including pay-as-you-go systems, pre-paid vouchers in advance of your visit, automated phone calls, and smartphone apps. In an increasingly cashless society, these parking systems provide ease and convenience to your customer.

Why use a cashless parking system?

Easy payment

The biggest advantage of using a cashless payment system is the easy payment methods it provides to customers. Smartphone apps linked to your debit and credit card are often easy to use and allow for unique customisation in the length of a customer’s visit. A cashless payment system avoids issues with change arising, or when coins are not accepted. In cases of low internet, the customer can easily ring a number to pay for their parking over the phone, ideal for those customers who do not carry cash with them.


Cashless parking systems are convenient for a customer, as they don’t require them to find a payment machine. The customer can pay for their parking from their car, and once the app is downloaded and location saved, paying again on a different date is even easier. Cashless parking also negates the need for customers to carry around a parking ticket that runs the risk of getting lost. Instead, they are secure in the knowledge that they have paid for their time, and can leave without a fuss. Not only convenient for the customer, but for the staff too, as most parking apps will have FAQs about parking, and so your employees can spend more time concentrating on what matters rather than answering customer queries, reducing labour costs.

Removes human error

In comparison to traditional cash payment systems, cashless systems remove the chance of error and fraud. Payment via cash leaves room for counterfeit coins or mishandling of money, whereas an automatic withdrawal from the customer’s bank ensures your car park is not losing any revenue in any way.


In a post-COVID-19 world, many people are wary of communal touchpoints, and ticket and payment machines that aren’t properly maintained can be a hotbed of bacteria. Not only the machine, but coins themselves are a hazard, as they are rarely cleaned and regularly change hands. A cashless parking system negates the need for excessive handling of cash and frequent use of popular touchpoints, protecting both your customer and your employees. A lack of ticket machines also means your employees don’t need to spend time sanitising and cleaning the machine throughout the day.

A cashless parking system provides numerous benefits for both you as a business, and your customers, including offering easy payment and hygienic options. Above all, a cashless parking system is convenient for your customer, offering a better overall customer experience and encouraging repeat visits.

Total Parking Solutions pay as you go parking system is a usage-based charging option, which relies on state-of-the-art ANPR cameras at entry and exit points in order to calculate payment which is then automatically processed and charged to the account holder. This ensures you are only paying for the exact duration of your stay and no more.

For more information on the benefits of a cashless parking system, or how Total Parking Solutions pay-as-you-go cashless payment systems can help develop your existing parking system, get in touch on 01536 680107 or email us at [email protected].

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