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Why choose a pay on foot parking system?

Published: 20/07/2021

What is a pay-on-foot parking system?

A pay on foot parking system refers to any parking arrangement that follows a time-based barrier-controlled parking system. Arguably most commonly found in shopping complexes, such a parking system requires the customer to complete their payment at an automated payment system before arriving at the exit of the car park. The majority of these systems use a barcoded ticketed method, in which upon entering, a ticket is distributed, which the user will need to use to pay and exit the car park. There are many benefits to using a pay-on-foot parking system; we have put together the top reasons why you should choose this method of parking management.

Maximise revenue with pay-on-foot parking

The main benefit of a Pay on Foot parking system is that it ensures users cannot use the car park for extended periods without paying. The nature of these systems means that customers are unable to leave the car park until they have paid for their stay at the machine. When combined with ANPR technology, these systems can easily track the comings and goings of cars within the car park. Most systems utilise customisable tariffs that can be flexible for specific user groups.

Beneficial to the customer

A key advantage of a pay-on-foot parking system is that it is extremely beneficial to the customer. Most payment terminals will have a multitude of payment options suitable for any customer, including coins, notes, credit or debit cards, and online payments. A pay-on-foot parking system also grants the customer freedom in their parking, as they can park, enjoy their day, and head back to the car park when they are ready to leave, without worrying that they have either overstayed their allotted time or paid for parking they will not use. The customer has control over the amount of time they use the car park for.

Pay-on-foot parking is an economical option

A pay on foot parking system is beneficial as it is self-managing. A Pay on Foot system can easily be combined with advanced ANPR technology which can monitor and evaluate cars entering and leaving the car park. Most systems have advanced intercom abilities at the exit barrier and the payment machines to offer support if something does go wrong. This means there is no need for a parking attendant to check tickets and issue fines, making it an economical option for both large and small car parks.

A pay on foot parking system is beneficial to both users and businesses, as it allows for automated parking management that is convenient and well-controlled. Offering increased revenue and numerous benefits to the customer, a pay on foot parking system is ideal for a range of industries, including, but not limited to, retail, entertainment, leisure, and sports. For more information on our pay-on-foot services and how they can benefit you, get in touch on 01536 680107 or email us at [email protected]. We also offer parking consultancy services if you need additional help choosing the right parking solution for you.

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