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Have You Implemented Your Green Travel Plan?

Published: 21/03/2023

Championing sustainability and clean energy usage is now more important than ever. Finding sustainable solutions to long-worn problems doesn't just help you reduce your carbon footprint; it often helps to use your budget, time and equipment more efficiently. In this article, we'll be discussing Green Travel Plans (GTPs), explaining how they contribute to environmental efforts and why they are so useful if you're trying to manage a car park.


What is a GTP?

Sometimes called travel demand management plans, GTPs originated in the USA nearly two decades ago. A Green Travel Plan is a management plan that combines transport with other business issues, creating a co-ordinated strategy to improve efficiency. Good practices like pollution control and waste prevention, which began as environmental causes, are increasingly being recognised as ways to improve competetiveness and efficiency in any business.

Addressing all transport issues within an organisation, GTPs cover staff commuting to work or travelling on business; customers who visit popular premises, especially in groups or at peak visitation hours; and fleet management for any organisation that relies on vehicle plant. They aim to reduce the impact of travel on the environment, but by using transport more efficiently, also save money and make life easier for employees, especially in an age of rising energy costs.

There's still a long way to go when it comes to increasing business travel efficiency, from encouraging the use of public transport to running greener fleets - for example, by using electric behicles. Simple measures that you can take action on now include the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles, and a carefully structured expenses system that makes public transport more appealing.


Parking Problems

All drivers know how parking problems have steadily increased, to the point where many find it difficult to find spaces near their workplace or spaces that won't cause them problems later down thel line. This is a major headache for businesses and organisations, which have to cover the usually high cost of providing, maintaining, operating and enlarging car parks. These costs also have to be taken into account when considering the cost of employing staff.

Sites that can only be reached by private transport may find it more difficult to recruit staff. Introducing a Green Travel Plan can incorporate a number of solutions, including:

  • car share scheme for employees travelling to work together
  • Improved public transport links, for example bus, rail, cycle or pedestrian links
  • Expenses for employees using public transport to encourage them to commute

Some of these practices have helped to tackle labour shortages for organisations in the aerospace industry, such as Manchester Airport. 


Corporate Image

Many people are concerned about the environment. Even more are worried about the effect of pollution on public health. With increased public awareness, people are no longer fooled by superficial commitments or lip service to the environmental cause.

Businesses need a solid, tangible statement of action in regards to how they will tackle environmental issues. Improving your processes and demonstrating clearly how you aim to do so is an important aspect of running a modern business, since investors and customers are becoming more and more savvy to the sustainability efforts of the companies they work with.



TPS supports any initiative that encourage organisations to consider the efficiency of their transport processes, and enable their employees to change their travel patterns. Green Travel Plans go some way to improve the credibility of your environmental model, as well as help to convince those who aren't aware of the importance of environmental concerns. They deliver other key benefits, including cost-effectiveness and increased morale, so that they make sense even to those who will never be convinced of the importance of environmental concerns. Our Permit Management System was initially created to work with the needs of the Education and Healthcare sector green initiatives. 

Although it is important for us all to consider the effects of our choices on the environment as individuals, organisations are in an even stronger position to make a difference. This is why in addition to providing GTP Consultancy Services, we offer Permit Management  software and automated applications modules as stand alone, or integrated as part of your management strategy. We are able to supply:

  • Full GTP consulatacy services
  • Client branded online permit applications and payments systems
  • Variable permit types and approvals
  • Emission, salary band, post code or car-share based charges
  • Unique and powerful form builder to make each permit bespoke
  • API vehicles verification checks
  • API address checks
  • API public transport checks
  • Online automated immediate permit decisions
  • Declined applications appeals system

We tailor the solution to suit each individual user-group.

Contact us on 01536 680107 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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